Casale Campo Antico is our old country house, which was once the home of the farmer.
We decided to remodel it and furnish it with all the comforts, for guests that choose to spend their vacations in Tuscany with us. This house is like a basket full of surprises.
The house is dear to us and we care about it because it was a part of our childhood, back when the basket they brought us was full of cherries.
Over time we have turned it into a site where nature is always friendly to humans and generous in supplying daily fruits for harvest. At Casale Campo Antico, people meet and shake hands; they may even make new friends.
We are an agritourism facility that represents the desire to spend your vacation in the midst of real flavours.
You can rent an apartment from us and we will dine all together during summer evenings under the stars, toasting with a fine glass of wine produced on the farm.
Good living is made of small things. If it gets warm, dive into the pool and immerse yourself not only in the water, but also in the timeless harmony of the countryside.
With regard to that, I forgot to add: It is a pleasure to meet you, we are Ilaria and Nicoletta and we are expecting you at Casale Campo Antico. Stay with us and we will do our best to make your stay pleasant. See you soon.

Villa Il Salicone Ilaria e Nicoletta Niccoli

Tenuta Il Salicone
via Quattro Querci 35 - 51030 Serravalle (PT) - ITALY
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